name : Scary monster

name: Pinky

name: Sky

birthplace: New York, NY

likes: scare people in Central park

dislikes: being petted. C'mon I'm scary

birthplace : New York, NY

likes: take me everywhere with you. I want to be your BFF. Hanging out, going to school, just walking around, - I'm all for it!

dislikes: nothing really

birthplace: New York, NY

likes: bows of any kind, lipstick, shopping

dislikes: being ignored. Please brush my hair, I'm waiting!

Switchable furry monsters

Switchable furry monsters come in 2 sizes: small and large. Velcro is attached to the back of furry so you can attach & switch your furry creatures. Have fun switching furries between the variety of products such as totes, necklaces, hats